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Shaheen Shinwari


Super Highway, Gulshan-e-Maymar morr, Karachi.


A Journey Through Shaheen Shinwari Restaurant:

Shaheen Shinwari Restaurant, culinary gem Since 2001. Experience culinary delights like never before, warm hospitality, and a taste of tradition. A must visit in Karachi, Pakistan!

Main Menu

Exceptional Quality. Delightfully Delicious.

Shinwari Starter
Shinwari FastFood
Shinwari Proud
Shinwari Special
Shinwari Handi
Shinwari Mutton Karahi
Shinwari Chicken Karahi
Shinwari Bar-B-Q
Shinwari Katakat
Shinwari Chinese
Shinwari Fish
Shinwari Tandoori
Shinwari Ice-Cream
Shinwari Mocktail Bar
Shinwari Desserts
Shinwari Beverages

Something private

Private Events

Celebrate in Style, host your corporate and family events at Shaheen Shinwari Restaurant. Immerse yourself in flavorful cuisine and create unforgettable memories.

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Super Highway, Gulshan-e-Maymar morr, Karachi.

Opening hours:

Mon – Sun: 06:30 pm – 02:00 am